Great! We’re glad you’re here and ready to live OGF&B.

Change starts with you…

Here are some tips to get started:

Buy fewer highly processed foods, which include items like fast food, chips, cookies, and frozen pizzas

Order baked or roasted food instead of fried  

Order water instead of sugary beverages

When possible, prepare food at home

Ask for more fruits and vegetables

…And continues with us.


First, sign our petition to the National Restaurant Association to urge participating restaurants to promote healthier options!

Next, to get the word out, you can share the petition. You can also record a 6- to 30- second video to post on social media using our hashtag, #OGFandB, about the joy of good, healthy food or to raise awareness of the unhealthy options being marketed to Black communities.

Download our Social Media Toolkit for helpful resources, and visit the Take Action page for lifestyle tips and healthy recipes.

BLACK YOUTH AND FAMILIES: Let’s build a space that is uniquely ours in the food justice movement by putting our voices and culture at the forefront of the movement for better food and beverage options in our communities.

CELEBRITIES AND INFLUENCERS: You are role models who have an outsized influence on Black youth. Whenever possible, you can be an advocate for us by asking food and beverage companies to market healthier foods to our communities.

FOOD AND BEVERAGE COMPANIES: It’s really simple. We want you to increase the number of healthier food and beverage options you offer. PROMOTE THEM and decrease the number of ads that promote unhealthy options to our communities.